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Comprehensive Project Management and Consultation

SMCLR (A Crane Co.) specializes in planning and coordinating crane projects focused on lifting and rigging. After years in the industry, we have established ourselves as the reliable choice for companies seeking assistance with crane services. Extensive knowledge of safety standards, rigging techniques, and local regulations guides our work.


Our experienced managers will work closely with your team to determine your unique needs and goals for the project. We’ll develop detailed lift plans and handle all of the logistics because every crane project needs an expert’s touch.

Secure and Reliable Crane Rigging

When dealing with heavy items, secure rigging is a necessity. Our team will rigorously meet all safety standards for each project we work on. We consistently deliver top-notch results and help clients meet their project goals with ease. 


We start by carefully planning each lift, considering the specifications of the items being lifted, the nature of the project, and the client’s needs. Using our state-of-the-art, well-maintained equipment, we are able to rise to every rigging and lifting challenge. Our clients come to us when they need dependable results and efficient service.


Hire Midland, TX, Experts to Oversee Your Crane Lifting Services

Our project managers are experts in the art of rigging and lifting. They will oversee the entire process, working with your team to determine the best approach to your project. We take pride in being present throughout the lifting process, starting with the initial plan and equipment selection. 


We have a knowledgeable equipment manager who knows all of our cranes inside and out. Our manager will choose the right crane and rigging equipment for the job, ensuring that the crane is in top-tier condition and has received recent maintenance. We are dedicated to managing heavy lift crane projects to ensure safety, security, and client satisfaction.

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