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Customized Crane Lifting Services in Midland, TX

Crane lifting is essential for many construction, infrastructure, and industrial projects. SMCLR (A Crane Co.) uses state-of-the-art equipment operated by skilled technicians to handle a wide range of client needs. Our focus is on precision, efficiency, and adherence to safety protocols. 


No matter the size of the project we take on, our team has the experience to handle it with the utmost care and expertise. We pride ourselves on customizing our services to meet each project's unique requirements and challenges, ensuring your lifting needs are met on time and within your budget.

Lifting Heavy Machinery With Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic cranes are the most effective solution for lifting heavy machinery and materials. We pride ourselves on the safe and reliable lifting services provided by our high-quality, well-maintained cranes. Our operators are skilled in handling intricate machinery lifts, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the process. 


Our diverse fleet of cranes and equipment gives us a wide range of lifting capabilities, making us the leading choice for clients dealing with even the heaviest machinery. We can handle a project from planning to rigging to lifting, offering the utmost professionalism and dependability as we work. Instead of trying to complete projects independently, you can hire our lifting crane experts to help you move heavy items carefully and securely.


Hire Crane Lifting Experts for Your Next Project

Whenever you need a heavy lift crane for industrial or construction projects, you can rely on SMCLR (A Crane Co.) to provide the best service and most reliable support team. Our equipment is well-maintained, and our team has all the training needed to handle a wide range of project types. Set up an appointment to learn more about our lifting solutions and the equipment we use! We are based in Midland, TX, and serve the surrounding areas.

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