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haul truck transportation

Safe and Efficient Haul-Truck Transportation Services

At SMCLR (A Crane Co.), we understand that in heavy haul trucking, safety and efficiency are essential. Our trucking services prioritize the safety and integrity of your cargo. We have a team of experienced drivers and a fleet of well-maintained trucks to keep heavy equipment and oversized loads secure. 


With adherence to regulations and industry best practices, we stand out from the rest by guaranteeing safe and timely delivery of your goods. Our licensing and permits are always up to date, meaning we are ready to go whenever you need our services.

We are able to transport:

Heavy machinery

Oversized loads

Industrial tools

Construction materials

Heavy Equipment Truck Hauling Throughout Midland, TX

Transporting heavy equipment can be a headache, but SMCLR (A Crane Co.) makes the process easier than ever. With our powerful, high-capacity trucks, we can move your heaviest equipment, making us an ideal partner for those working in construction, HVAC, and related industries. 


Our company will handle both the practical and logistical aspects of transporting equipment. We know the importance of keeping your equipment securely in place to prevent damage and loss. All of our trucks are carefully maintained, setting us apart from our competitors and ensuring a smooth ride for all your equipment. Contact SMCLR (A Crane Co.) today to learn more about our heavy equipment truck hauling services for local customers!


Specialized Haul Trucks for Oversized Loads

When transporting oversized loads, you need specialized heavy hauler trucks that can handle the job precisely and safely. SMCLR (A Crane Co.) offers a range of hauling truck options designed to hold bulky, heavy cargo. Each of our trucks has a robust frame, a powerful engine, and careful engineering, making them the safest choice for heavy items. 


Haul trucks can comfortably handle oversized loads, and our drivers ensure your goods are transported safely. We will work closely with you to determine the best, most logical solution to your transportation needs.

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