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24/7 Emergency Support for Crane Rental Clients

At SMCLR (A Crane Co.), we understand that working with hydraulic cranes and other heavy equipment comes with risks and challenges. Clients using our crane rentals occasionally need extra support, whether it’s because they’re facing an emergency or are dealing with unexpected obstacles. 


We have a robust team of experienced operators and technicians who can step in whenever a client needs help. Our company prides itself on our 24-hour emergency support because we believe in keeping our clients safe and helping them achieve their projects.

Reliable Emergency Crane Support

When you rent equipment from SMCLR (A Crane Co.), you receive well-maintained equipment and excellent customer service. We also offer customer support for emergencies and serious issues. All of our operators have had extensive crane safety training, and they are ready to assist with challenging lifts and other mishaps. 


We offer support when our clients face challenging lifts, low visibility, and other concerns. Our services are also available when you are dealing with a critical lift with high-risk elements requiring precise positioning. If you are dealing with any of these concerns, our team can step in and offer support from a skilled team. We can offer the stability and guidance needed for a successful lift.


Learn more about reliable crane support from your local experts in Midland, TX, today!

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Immediate Response and Assistance

Working with industrial equipment requires a dependable support team. We are proud to offer rapid response and support to clients who find themselves in a difficult situation. We specialize in crane lifting and rigging, making us the ideal choice for assistance. Many of our clients hire us to take over these tasks for the project's duration, and we are happy to provide safe, reliable lifting services. Our support services can give you peace of mind that you’ll have access to extra help if needed.

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