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Customized Solutions to Client Needs

At SMCLR (A Crane Co.), we take a customer-oriented approach to our work. We understand that every project has different requirements and challenges. When clients have unique needs, we can offer customized solutions tailored to their projects. Our crane lifting experts will consider every detail of your project, from the site location to the budget constraints. 


We start by assessing each project and determining the best rigging and lifting solutions, creating a plan we can share with clients for approval. We have experience working with complex industrial projects, delicate lift situations, and tight, crowded construction sites. Our team will rise to any challenge, finding logical and affordable solutions to streamline your project.

Tailored Crane and Rigging Solutions

Our crane company knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to rigging and lifting. We have a wide range of equipment designed for different projects, including frac cranes, hydraulic cranes, and boom trucks. Our team takes the time to assess your project, factoring in the requirements, such as the site conditions and budget. The project plan will determine the right crane type, capacity, and configuration to best serve your situation. 


We have a skilled, passionate team of technicians and crane experts. If your company needs help completing a project, you can consult with our team to get advice, support, and even rent equipment. Helping clients create successful projects is our top priority, and we provide helpful information and client assistance whenever it is needed.

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Personalized Advice and Logistics

SMCLR (A Crane Co.) goes beyond providing crane services. We also offer consulting and logistics planning to ensure clients have a seamless, successful project. Our team provides expert guidance on every aspect of your crane project, including crane selection, site preparation, safety, and lift execution. We will personally optimize your lift plans, coordinate with contractors, and manage permits. For years, our team has helped clients streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. We provide a personalized approach to crane services in the Midland, TX, area. 

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