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Reliable Equipment Storage and Management

At SMCLR (A Crane Co.), we have secure storage facilities designed to keep heavy machinery in top-notch condition. We offer dependable solutions for all of your machinery storage needs. Our team of experts provides comprehensive equipment management services, including routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs.


Well-maintained, functional equipment is the backbone of many industries, from construction to landscaping. Our dedicated managers will check your stored items regularly to ensure they are in good working order and not suffering from neglect.

Heavy Equipment Management

Our equipment manager oversees all items kept in storage with us, treating them with the same attention we care for our own equipment. As a crane company, we understand how important proper storage is, and our facility keeps out harmful moisture. 


We recommend a maintenance plan if you plan to keep an item in storage long-term. Our team knows just how important maintenance is for equipment longevity and continued reliability. We offer many maintenance options, depending on the type of machinery you plan to store and its unique needs.


You can count on us when you need hands-on, reliable equipment management. Our high-end facility and skilled team will make sure your equipment is kept in good condition as long as it’s under our care.

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Proper Equipment Storage in Midland, TX

Proper equipment storage is essential for the success of your company’s projects. If you have ever tried keeping equipment in a garage or any other space not designed for long-term storage, you’ve likely noticed rust and other forms of damage. 


Our storage solutions eliminate that issue by offering comprehensive maintenance solutions for stored items. Instead of letting your machinery rust and gather dust, we will keep it in a safe, secure storage unit and check in on it to make sure the quality hasn’t deteriorated. Our unique storage solutions are available throughout Western Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

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